Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lisa & James are Getting Married (today!)

It's currently early in the morning out here on the west coast, but as it's almost one o'clock in the afternoon in Massachusetts I think that it's safe to assume that two of my recent custom clients, Lisa & James, may be getting married right now, if they aren't married already.  Several months ago I was asked to customize one of our standard thank you card designs for a wedding by a customer (Lisa) through the Etsy shop.  Lisa had discovered our Elegant Scroll Thank You Cards in blue and decided they would be perfect for her then-upcoming February wedding.  Then in Mid-December, Lisa contacted me again.  She loved her thank you cards so much that she wanted to know if I could create both a set of custom menus and a set of custom programs for her wedding.  I told her we absolutely could!  You can see a photo of both the program and menu at the top of this post.  

Lisa is having a somewhat more traditional wedding ceremony in a church in Massachusetts and as such, wanted a more formal, classic and elegant design for her menus and programs.  She chose to do them in one color: navy blue, to go along with the other blues she was using in her wedding.  Here is the table menu:

Lisa's menu is an A2 size (4.25" x 5.5") and features a very simple design with a gorgeous little motif at the top that we carried through both pieces, and two lovely fonts.  We letterpress printed these on Crane's 100% cotton Lettra paper in Pearl White.  I love the little graphic motif at the top of the menu.  The fine lines really captured the subtle impression of the letterpress so well, along with the typography!

The second piece I designed for Lisa was a custom program.  Often when I'm asked to do programs, the client wants me to just design and print the cover, from which they will glue, staple or sew in the actual program page(s) that they've had flat printed later.  Because it was so close to her wedding though, Lisa already had all of the information for the inside of her programs and asked if we could print it all letterpress.  Let me tell you: those programs are beautiful.  They are a traditional, folded A7 size (5" x 7") and are printed in one color (still navy blue).  I used the same graphic motif from the menus on both the front and inside of the program.  Here is an image of the front cover:  

I love the way the capital serif font we used harmonizes with the script font we chose for the names.  Isn't it pretty?  And, here is the inside:

You'll have to excuse my fingers at the bottom of the picture.  Since the program was printed on reasonably heavy, 110 lb. paper and had just been scored and folded right before I took the photos, they didn't really want to stay open on their own.  We went with a very traditional format for the program with the information about the wedding party on the left side and the actual program for the ceremony on the right.  If you're considering a more traditional format for your ceremony program you may want to click on the above photo to see it larger.  I really like how Lisa chose to list both the family/wedding party information and how she arranged the actual different elements of the ceremony for a program.  It's informative, but to-the-point and oh so pretty!  As far as impression goes - I love how when you are printing double-sided on the Crane Lettra paper you can still feel a slight impression on both sides, but you can't see the text from one side to the other (on a program or other item where you're reading both sides, it would be pretty ugly to see a lot of impression from one side on the next).  

If you'd like more information about custom letterpress printed wedding programs, menus or other stationery, please contact me at:

Congratulations Lisa & James and have a wonderful wedding day, today!  

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