Friday, April 24, 2009

The Stylish Soiree

Wow!  How time does fly!  I'm sorry it's been a whole week since my last post.  I have so many new and beautiful things to show you, and yet, it's been so consistently busy around here I haven't quite found the time to put everything up!  

Today, I wanted to show off some gorgeous, new letterpress business cards that I just recently finished and shipped off to a client.  Yelena Johnson of The Stylish Soiree hired Twin Ravens Press to print her brand new business cards for her wedding and event planning company in Los Angeles.  If you are planning a wedding or other stylish event in the Los Angeles area, click on the above link and check out Yelena's webpage.  Yelena has a background in fashion, style and bridal media and strives to create truly memorable, beautiful and unique events.  If you're not in the LA area (or if you are) and would like to check out what she's been up to lately, she also has a blog, where she posts little inspirational tidbits for a variety of different events. 

Yelena already had the design for her business cards when she hired me to print them, and the design was absolutely beautiful and perfect for letterpress!  You can see the finished card at the top of this post, and here:   

Yelena's cards were printed in pale lavender and black inks on Crane Lettra Pearl White 100% cotton printmaking paper.  They are a standard business card size and the lovely pale lavender detail from her logo on the left hand side of the card bleeds off all three edges.  In my opinion, this decorative element printed particularly well, and left a gorgeous impression from the letterpress.  Here is a close-up so you can see some of the texture: 

Yelena hadn't even received her new business cards in the mail yet (as of yesterday), but was so excited by the pictures alone, that she posted a lovely blog post about them and my studio on her blog.  You can check out what she wrote here.  

Thanks so much Yelena!  All the best!

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