Thursday, March 12, 2009

Linda & James are Getting Married!

Our lovely spring wedding busyness is continuing nicely and I will be showing off several new sets of wedding stationery to you very soon!  This is one of the first of those newly completed sets.  A month or so ago, I was contacted by a lovely bride-to-be in New York City named Linda, who had fallen in love with the custom letterpress wedding invitations that we created last year for Mrs. Coconut on Wedding Bee.  If you want to see the post we did on that set of invitations, with pictures, on this blog, you can find it here.  Linda is getting married in June at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and thought that a design similar to the one we did for Lynn (Mrs. Coconut) would be just perfect for her!  Linda wanted to use different colors and fonts and change the design up just a little bit, but still keep pretty much the same layout and design elements.  You can see the complete suite we designed and printed for her above!

Here is Linda's invitation by itself.  We used a very nice spring green for the scroll pattern, the birds, and the couple's names and a chocolate brown for the little dots and the rest of the text.  The invitation is a standard A7 size and was printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Pearl White paper.  Isn't it pretty?  Below is an even closer close-up so you can see the pretty fonts and colors that we used: 

The invitation was paired with a coordinating green invitation envelopes from Green Paper Company.  We used the same script font that you can see above for their return address that was printed on the flap.  The return address was printed in chocolate brown, which stood out really nicely against the green.  Check it out below: 

Linda also ordered a set of reply cards to compliment her suite.  For the reply card envelopes we used the same green from Green Paper Company and printed the same style of address on the front of a 4bar envelope.  You can see that here: 

Her reply cards are double-sided.  The front side features the reply information along with a space for the guests names and a reply-by date and the back side features a space where the guests can write a message to the couple.  Here is a photo of the front and back side of the reply card with the envelope: 

To save some money on printing and platemaking, we decided to go with one color for the reply card.  We used the same green from the invitation and this is how it looks: 

I really love the way this design turned out in one color and I think Linda's use of two colors for the invite and one for the reply card was an excellent and cost-effective idea!  If you really like a particular design, but want to try to save some money on your printing, mixing up whether you do one or two colors on your different pieces is a great way to do that!  Notice in the above two photos how you can see the letterpress impression from the front side on the back and vice-versa?  Linda asked me to do a really deep impression and this is what you get.  I don't recommend going super-deep on pieces that are double-sided because it can make them hard to read, but for this design I think it worked out well.  

Congratulations Linda & James!  

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